Hi, I'm Mary Herrera.

I'm so glad you are here! I live in Miami, FL with my kinfolk, two rambunctious boys and a small yet very loud little dog.

If you’re a romantic folk, a sentimental folk, or a deeply nostalgic folk, you my friends, are my people.

If you’re a collector of plants, a lover of love songs, if the right words will give you goose bumps, and you’re a firm believer that a good cry can fix most things, we’d probably be friends already.

I’m a photographer who lives for capturing the beautiful, messy glory of the every ordinary day, I’m obsessed with documenting life - with freezing time and preserving a record of the now for the days, years and generations who follow.

My aspiration is to make art of the beautiful ordinary, so that over time, that which now seems mundane and routine will be remembered and cherished. Long after the sleepless nights have ended and toys are no longer littering the living room floor I intend that there will still exist a record - a story of love, belonging, connection. A rich and glorious tapestry.

A history, told in pictures for your kinfolk to come.

Let's sit and chat about your ideas for this session.